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Contract and property law

If you are buying or selling your residential or commercial property or you have problems with rental or management contracts, our lawyers in Bulgaria with a contact in the UK can help you to resolve your legal issues in relation to Contract and Property law, advising and/or acting on your behalf in relation to:

conveyancing checks of contracts due diligence (charges and other encumbrances on property) transfer of ownership
ownership advice
breach and termination of contracts
division of property
disputes with developers and estate agents
problems with rental or management

Power of Attorney

If you need to appoint us or any other person as you representative in Bulgaria, we will assist you in the preparation of a Power of Attorney, either in the UK or Bulgaria, which complies with the applicable provisions of Bulgarian Law for an international document.



Currently a large number of foreign investors in Bulgaria are dissatisfied with the way in which Bulgarian developers construct their projects.

Litigation issues come to the light when foreign investors cannot take ownership of their Bulgarian property and cannot reach an agreement with the Developer , for example on penalty payments and compensations for the delay or to receive their money back due to uncompleted projects.

There could also be a case when a Rental or a Management Company does not provide you with a service that you initially expected or you have been overcharged above and beyond that agreed under a Contract.

We also deal with divorce cases, settlements and other family law matters.

If this applies to you,  then we can provide you with our comprehensive legal advice and assistance on:

your legal options
court procedure and costs
adversary liaison
representation of your interests in court
pursuing judgment debts
alternative avenues to litigation

Wills and Inheritance issues

Bulgarian law permits foreigners to deal with their assets in Bulgaria in accordance with a Will left by a deceased person, but you have to follow the provisions of Bulgarian Law of Succession in order to take your legacy.

The rules for making a Bulgarian Will are also different from those in the UK.

Therefore, for avoidance of any complications take our legal advice on your inheritance issues. It is important to make sure that your Will is entirely recognised by the Bulgarian authorities. Our specialists can provide you with valuable advice on Bulgarian probate matters and inheritance law issues.

Jones & Stoykov - Bulgarian Lawyers work under the Bulgarian Bar Act, which complies with the European Union requirements.